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Prana Health is a new inclusive concept that makes your life easier by allowing you to practice several types of courses in the same place.

Prana Santé is the meeting of different health professionals, physiotherapist, osteopath, nurse, care assistant, psychomotrician, psychologist, as well as teachers specialized in different methods, who are at your disposal to help you become, in all safety, actors of your health through different kinds of courses adapted to your needs. We believe that Prana Santé can make a significant difference that will satisfy you.




"When something is not right, we start by working on ourselves. When we have worked on ourselves and we are still not well, then the time has come to seek professional help".

Prana Santé is collaborating with the Physiotherapist Jerome Divorne from Nyon. We have experience in helping our patients deal with a variety of obstacles and limitations which hold us back from a full recovery after an illness or an accident. Our team of helpful, caring and professional therapists are committed to helping you find your strength again and maintain a regular physical activity. Our aim is to accompany you to a place where your health worries and rehabilitation are a thing of the past.

If you suffer from a lingering discomfort or pain which you cannot heal by yourself we are available to help evaluate the situation and design a series of physio sessions to assist your recovery.

www.physionyon.ch | T: 022 361 51 91

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