Suzanne teaches in French

« To dance is to question oneself, to go deep within oneself »

MC Pietragalla

A trained dancer for many years, I am an art therapist, specialising in "dance and movement therapy".

I work in an institution with people with medium to severe disabilities.

I worked at the HUG, in the chronic diseases department, in the "Contrepoids famille" programme which accompanies children and adults.

Graduated since 2001 in body-psychology structuring (B.Lesage IRPECOR), then graduated in art-therapy, specialising in dance and movement in 2018 (l'Atelier in Geneva), Oda Artecura practitioner since 2021.

Dance movement allows people to reconnect with their creative potential, to move at their own pace, to rediscover the pleasure of moving and inhabiting their body, to meet themselves and others, to find their place in space-time, to transform their view of their situation, to integrate change and to give meaning to their experience. I accompany people in a benevolent way in their process.

My approach with children and teenagers is to help them discover movement, dance and Thu : these individual or group workshops are aimed at children and teenagers facing emotional or relational difficulties.

The body, the imagination and creativity are engaged (dance, drawings and sometimes stories).

I welcome you (adults or children) on Wednesday afternoons by appointment on 076/493.25.43.

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Suzanne, dance therapist, ASCA and RME certified