Private lessons by appointment at +41793068359

Maritza teaches in French, English and Spanish

« The best way to spread happiness is to share it with another person »

Always on the move and passionate about everything related to well-being, I like to bring mothers moments of sport and harmony with their baby.

My career path has always led me to work with young children and parents, both as a J+S instructor and as an ESA instructor (Adult Sport Switzerland).
After my two deliveries, I needed to find my body and relax. The mother-baby gym had brought me a lot and I loved these moments of sharing with my daughters. I now want to share these unique moments with other young mothers.

The benefits of fitness after childbirth are countless, I offer gentle and tonic exercises to gradually reactivate the entire musculature with specific work on certain areas (perineum, abdominals, etc.).

The objectives: to regain fitness, posture and energy, while burning calories...your baby with you.

These classes are also an excellent way to prepare your body for a return to a more intense sporting activity.

I look forward to meeting you!

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