Alice teaches Vinyasa and Yin yoga in French. She is also a sound therapist.

" Reconnecting with your body and the present moment is the greatest gift you can give yourself in the course of a day. "

I came across yoga in 2019, a bit by chance while looking for a gentle physical practice to get my body moving again. I immediately felt enormous benefits from practicing and above all a reconnection with my body.

In 2022, I left for Bali for a 200-hour Vinyasa and Hatha yoga training course. This trip was a magnificent voyage of discovery of yoga, its philosophy that fascinates me so much and, above all, a journey against myself. Since that trip I've turned my life around 360 degrees, and since 2023 I've been teaching in various yoga studios.

I teach but I'm always a student, which is why every year I go on a training course, immersing myself somewhere in the world to deepen my practice (and self-knowledge at the same time) so that I can better guide you in the practice of yoga.

I put a lot of passion into my lessons and adapt the practice to the energy of the group.

My primary aim is to help you reconnect with your physical body, your breath and the present moment through practice, and above all to find comfort in discomfort.