Sandrine teaches in French and English.

Having spent part of my life in a circus school, aerial techniques were my specialty. I love to pass on my knowledge, so it was natural for me to teach children, teenagers and adults for several years. My pleasure was to help them progress and overcome their difficulties.

In parallel, I started practicing yoga more than 20 years ago. My travels in Asia have allowed me to perfect my approach and create my own. This has given me a new outlook on life and my aspirations. The loss of a dear friend, several years ago, also brought about a deep questioning. I decided to leave the world of multinationals to take a new direction.

Afterwards, I discovered aerial yoga which combines my two passions: circus and yoga. It was like an evidence, I wanted to do more, to go further and especially to share it. It is in this universe that I wish to take you, in addition to my ground classes, for a physical, authentic and playful practice.