Private lessons by appointment

Amélie teaches in French and English

« Physical fitness is the first necessary condition for happiness »

Joseph Pilates

My inspiration is the strength of the human spirit, gratitude and simple gifts of everyday life. These have always been within me and continue to grow and develop as I travel the world and experience unforgettable adventures and meet new cultures.

Pilates, but equally yoga, hiking and swimming, are all activities which allow me to reconnect with myself and feel whole.

Working as a pulmonary nurse assistant with the Ligue pulmonaire Vaudoise for 8 years and taking part in their prevention campaigns (more specifically on sleep apnea), I came to realize that people are suffering hugely from increasingly sedentary lifestyles. Our health is being overlooked and jeopardized. A lack of physical activity is often the root cause of numerous diseases, both physical and mental.

I am a caring and giving person and have always been drawn to wanting to help people feel better. Training as a Pilates instructor was a natural step for me in that direction.

I look forward to welcoming you at the centre, which I hold dear in my heart and in which I hope you will feel welcome and inspired.