So, is Yoga .. A stretching method ? A relaxation method? A technique for fixing back problems or addressing digestive issues? Is it a life philosophy? A tool to navigate inner work?

In actual fact, Yoga can be all of these things at once.

Its holistic nature makes it very difficult to give it a singular definition. Though yoga is often associated with strict physical movement and postures, it does ultimately lead the practitioner to developing a deep grasp of meditation and the cultivation of peace of mind.

Yoga is a journey toward finding harmony with the self and with all it’s different facets (the energetic, physical, emotional, spiritual and psychological self). Equally yoga is also an opportunity to connect with the world around us, from the infinitely small to the infinitely large. Prana Sante is dedicated to offering a wide variety of yoga practices in order to cater to all levels of fitness and yoga experience.

Depending on your needs and your current preference, whether you are a beginner or advanced, Prana Santé offers you different approaches to Yoga:


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Hatha yoga is one of the most traditional forms of yoga. It is a slow, relaxed practice in order to refocus on oneself and be attentive to one's body.

The "asanas" or postures : These help us to maintain a healthy body by encouraging us to release tensions all the while massaging our internal organs thus releasing emotional blockages. These movements improve the functioning of our body as a whole and deepen the flexibility of our spine, muscles and articulations.

Breathing : “Managing” our breath is also a central part of this yogic practice. Breathing techniques are important not only for their role in increasing oxygen supply throughout the body (to our organs and our cells) as well as strengthening our lungs, but the breath is also vital as it has a direct effect on our brain and our emotions. Through the breath, the nervous system finds balance, therefore enabling us to better self-regulate our emotions.

Mind, concentration: This practice seeks to stabilize the mind by preventing it from returning to the thoughts or concerns of the moment. It will develop an awareness of the present moment, which will allow the mind to release all tensions and let itself be immersed in an inner calm.


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A dynamic and moving class, guided and animated by the breath that becomes a meditation in motion.

The postures follow one another dynamically, always in harmony with the breath. Sometimes the rhythm is sustained, sometimes slower depending on the schedule and the energy of the group.

Through this practice, you will find a connection to your true essence, as well as to your inner joy.

Whether the practice is dynamic or gentle, it is suitable for all levels, beginners or experienced.


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 The practice of yin yoga allows us to rebalance ourselves by giving us the opportunity to counterbalance the rhythm of our restless lives. The yin is a moment of calm where you connect to yourself. 

Physically already, by recognizing the needs of his body and showing compassion in the face of perhaps rising physical tensions. With the yin you give yourself the possibility to address these resistances. Indeed, Yin Yoga does not target muscles but deeper tissues, bones, joints, tendons and the fascia that covers our entire body. Practicing Yin Yoga gives you the opportunity to bring fluidity to your tissues and thus optimizes their function. 

The practice of yin is also a serene moment because the poses are often on the ground and held for several minutes. It therefore allows you to enter a state of "mindfulness" fully connected to the present moment and your emotions. It can become liberating. 

In any case, it is your moment, an essential moment to be granted and not to be missed. My objective is to bring you this practice and to accompany you so that you can enjoy these benefits. 


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Through the exploration of the body and mind through breathing and yoga postures, tools for self-knowledge can be transmitted.

This course is a laboratory for self-discovery.

A rather yang/dynamic trend with inspirations from Ashtanga and Vinyasa yoga, balanced by calmer sequences of "restorative yoga" and meditation.


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This course, accessible to all, works on flexibility, awareness of the body and breathing.

Your body is untied by weightlessness: it can freely adopt vertical, horizontal and inversion positions, thus relieving tension without pressure on the spine.

Stretching is gentle because the hammock distributes tension and support. Your body discovers innovative postures that allow you to get out of your comfort zone and get closer to your inner self by letting go.

Teenage YOGA 13-16 years

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Adolescence is a period of life when you are no longer a child without yet being an adult. It is a period of changes, particularly physical and hormonal changes, which are more or less easy to go through. It is also a period of self-building, of affirmation, where one lays the foundations of one's adult life.

The practice of yoga is an excellent tool to accompany adolescents through this transitional stage and into adulthood.

The practice of yoga allows adolescents to :

To be attentive with their whole body and learn to feel it

Understand the importance of relaxation in managing stressful situations

Gaining self-confidence


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This technique offers an exploration of oneself on both a physical and emotional level. The aerial practice proposes a revisiting of the postures on the ground. The fabric as a support allows us to relax, strengthen and support our joints to work on our flexibility. It relieves us of our own weight to explore a movement, a posture, which could be too intense or even inaccessible on the ground. It is an awareness of our body in space and the discovery of new sensations. Aerial yoga, as I suggest you practice it, opens us to new paths of exploration. It makes us reconnect with our freedom to act, to think and to move. 


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Each one of us is unique, regardless of how society perceives us or the identity we relate to through our race, culture, abilities or appearance. We are each called to celebrate the diversity amongst us and to guide and honour all the children in this world through their lifetime.

This yoga class helps children to listen to their bodies, their breathing and their emotions. Through games and stories that lead them into yoga postures and moments of relaxation, they use their innate intuition and creativity. They become aware of their bodies and their feelings. They grow in self-confidence and in their abilities while respecting their limits.

Course of action: welcome - breathing and listening to one's feelings - postures in the form of games - relaxation

This is a special time to:

To be in touch with oneself, to know oneself better and to leave space for intuition and creativity; to develop self-confidence and self-esteem

To be in relationship with others, to practice being together as harmoniously as possible, respecting one's own ideas as well as those of others

Taking care of the body by strengthening, stretching and softening it; living it with pleasure

Become aware of the importance of breathing, experience relaxation and develop concentration

Exploring and refining the senses


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Open to all adults & children: parents & children, aunt & nephew, uncle & niece, godmother & goddaughter, grandparents & grandchildren ...

Through games and stories that will lead you into yoga postures and moments of relaxation, come and discover how family yoga opens a magical door to listening to oneself, to self-confidence and to the harmonization of bonds between adults and children. Whether you are a beginner or an experienced practitioner, these family classes will introduce you to a fun way to practice yoga with children.

Course of action: welcome - breathing and listening to one's feelings - postures in the form of games - relaxation


When? Prenatal yoga classes will be offered very soon

Yoga allows the mother-to-be to acquire and develop a good knowledge of her body and herself. She gets to know herself better, and to know what she needs, which will help her prepare for childbirth. Regular practice allows her to progress in terms of flexibility, opening of the pelvis and muscle tone.

Prenatal yoga also helps pregnant women to go through certain stages of pregnancy more harmoniously, especially when there are symptoms that are more or less troublesome (constipation, acid reflux, nausea, sleep disturbances, back pain, circulation problems, etc.).

The group class, shared with other mothers-to-be, is an opportunity to spend a stress-free moment outside of work or home. Nowadays, when you often live far from your family, it allows you to feel less alone and better supported during pregnancy.

Another fundamental aspect of prenatal yoga is the work on breathing. During childbirth, the body needs oxygen, both for the baby, and for the mother, who needs to recover well throughout labour. Proper breathing will preserve the perineum, and help to have a productive push when the baby is expelled.

At the same time, prenatal yoga also works on the mind. It will help the mother-to-be to reflect on how she perceives events (work on stress), how she perceives physical sensations (work on pain). The courses will also allow to work on emotions (anxiety, questioning of the mother-to-be in relation to pregnancy, childbirth and afterwards). This makes it possible to talk about it, to become aware of it, to find help and solutions.


For more information about this course, please contact Angélique at +41 76 348 80 72.

Through play and music, this class is an ideal time for children who want non-competitive physical activity.

The Special Yoga Method is adapted to the needs of children who have not had many opportunities to move their bodies and develop core strength; the postures are slow and soft and can be modified to better suit each childs' abilities.

There is also an emphasis on cultivating an awareness of the body and concentration of the mind, as yoga encourages attention to the breath and deep mussels stretches. Special yoga is specifically catered to children with Downs Syndrome, Autism and other learning difficulties.

This method of yoga equally contributes to developmental benefits for children suffering from attention deficit disorders and hyperactivity.

Yoga is known to...

Increase self-awareness, improve concentration, help build strength and stamina, develop muscles and balance and increase flexibility. It has been proven to contribute to correcting postural misalignment, reducing hyperactivity and improving the quality and quantity of sleep.


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Pilates is a very gentle body training method that works on deep muscles and can be adapted for everyone.

Pilates can be used either as a complete sport, as a complement to other sports or as a rehabilitation method often recommended by physiotherapists and doctors. With Pilates you put all your concentration into the correct execution of the exercise.

Pilates requires focus and attention to detail in order to execute the positions correctly and to ensure maximum benefits and results to the participant.

During the course, the exercises are repeated a few times. We always give priority to quality over quantity!


When? Currently replaced by Fly yoga from 7pm to 8pm

This course, accessible to all of them, works the muscles deep, the body consciousness and breathing.

Your body is untied by weightlessness: he can freely adopt positions vertical, horizontal and inversion, which allows for an total vertebral decompression, relaxation of the mind and leads to greater self-confidence.

Your body discovers new supports and explores the movements usually found in the made on the floor with a new feeling of well-being, while having fun.

Lu Jong

When? Tuesday from 9:00 to 10:15 a.m.

Our spine is made to move, it needs it.
Similar to the trunk of the feeder tree, it is connected to the whole of our body.
Through movement, we activate circulation, through respiration, we activate cellular activity, and therefore life.

That's how Lu Jong works!
Work gently on the spine while breathing deeply, to ensure
mobility, stability and relaxation.

If you suffer from back aches or have a notoriously sensitive back, if you struggle with digestion or inefficient blood circulation, if you are stressed or have any long term illness or inflammation then Lu Jong can help.

There are 21 exercises in Lu Jong 1 and 15 in Lu Jong 2. During our Prana Santé sessions we will practice on average 15 different exercises as well as look into breathwork and how it can help us find peace of mind. We will then end the session with a guided group meditation.

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The Body Art method is a holistic and functional training based on the Ying and Yang principles and following the 5 Chinese elemental energies. It combines resistance work, meditation and breathwork techniques all inspired by yoga.

During a BodyART session, you mobilize your body, but also your mind!

The aim of Body Art is to increase awareness of your body in order to better identify any imbalances and limitations you may have which are holding you back from living your best life.

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Team Training

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Team Training consists of a High Intensity Training (H.I.T.) session offered to a limited number of people. These people may come as a group of friends or colleagues but the group may also be different people looking for a more personalized work out.

These sessions are catered to the needs of the individuals in the group and help cultivate a fun and team-building approach.

With no more than 6 participants per group we can guarantee that the personal trainer is able to offer tailored advice and support to each member of the group.

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Prenatal Balloon Gym

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This course is not included in the Prana Santé subscription offer. The price per course is 30.00, to be paid directly on the spot during your visit

To feel good, to live your pregnancy to the full by preparing your body for childbirth.

The benefits of the balloon are numerous for both mother and baby.

With prenatal ball exercises, the mother will have a better posture, make her body more flexible and mobilise her pelvis. The movements also help to relieve certain back pains or problems with heavy legs. 

The mother-to-be will have better blood circulation, which benefits the baby via the placenta.

This class is also a moment of relaxation and well-being for the mother. The baby will be cradled throughout the course thanks to the movements that you will gently perform on the ball.

Prenatal Balloon Gym classes are for all expectant mothers, from 12 weeks of pregnancy until delivery. All exercises are adapted to pregnant women with the Prenatal Balloon Fitness method. 

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Mummy Baby Gym

When will it be held? See program

This course is not included in the Prana Santé subscription offer. The price per course is 30.00, to be paid directly on the spot during your visit

The arrival of a baby brings us great joy, we give it all our love and attention, it is the center of our world. After a few weeks we need to take a few moments for ourselves again, to regain our figure, vitality and musculature.

The postnatal gym classes I offer are gentle and progressive exercises. Mainly sheathing to strengthen the abdominal muscles and work on the perineum.

Part of the program is specifically focused on raising the organs to prevent the risk of incontinence with control of ventral breathing. To complement the fitness program, the gym ball, mat and rubber bands are used in a variety of exercises adapted to each participant.

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Self-hypnosis workshop

When will it be held? See program

In a group setting, come and explore different ways to reach altered states of consciousness to connect with yourself. These workshops are an opportunity to live unexpected, intense experiences, yet not so far from what is practiced in the office.

At each meeting, a particular theme serves as a common thread and allows us to explore the vast range of possibilities offered by self-hypnosis.

Without being therapeutic, these meetings allow participants to leave with simple self-hypnosis tools that can be used on a daily basis.

They are for everyone from 18 years old or 16 years old accompanied. No need to have already done hypnosis or self-hypnosis, just need to be curious and willing to discover.

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Fit Boxing

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Free your emotions and release your tensions in the vitaminized atmosphere of FIT BOXING.

How can you do cardio, strengthen your muscles and joints while taking advantage of this fun moment to release tension to music?

This session of Fit Boxing, composed on a basis of fast movements, is conceived to make you work out in a good mood, in order to: strengthen you, tone up your body, burn fats, increase your metabolism, eliminate stress, anger and tension, get back in shape, relax you.

Healthy mental patterns are established: avoid a blow and counterattack, which builds self-confidence and inner stability in the face of adversity. 

The movements are performed according to combat practices: Wado Ryu Karate, Penchak and Thai boxing.

All this in a jovial atmosphere, with energetic music, to push the body to its maximum and go home feeling stronger and more serene. 

For more information on the sport part, it's here.

The benefits of Fit Boxing: here.

Tog Chöd

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"Cut through the ego." This is the translation for this dynamic Tibetan spiritual practice. Deeply rooted in principles of Tibetan Buddhism, Tog Chod was developed by Lama Tulku Lobsang Rinpoché as a practice for both the body and the mind.    

Inspired by sacred dances of the Tibetan Monks and by the yogic teachings of Kalachakra the students each hold a wooden sword and carry out a moving meditation choreographed to include specific moves and postures. This deeply transformative practice allows the person to become more clear-headed, courageous and to free themselves from anger and frustration. There are no enemies outside ourselves. When we realize this we can stop struggling with the external world and learn to create our own reality. Tog Chod uses our anger to empower our motivation, although the intrinsic motivation is always compassion. Releasing and transforming our anger and fear allows us to move forward and to make the right decisions, in full consciousness. It is with a trained mind and body that we are able to take action and make changes. Acting in full consciousness we are able to take control of our lives and become creators of our own happiness.

Thus we can change our life, and in the same way, change the world.

The benefits of Tog Chöd are numerous and recognized in the world of healing therapies : Cardio vascular and muscular benefits, decrease in fear and expectations, the decrease of anger and negative energies, the ease and peacefulness of the spirit.

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