Véronique teaches in French.

" Hypnosis does not put people to sleep, but wakes them up from within "

Hervé Munier-Didière

Hypnosis caught my attention one day during a conversation, I let myself be caught in its net and since then I enjoy all the benefits for myself but also for others.

Hypnosis in the office is lived and shared between the practitioner and his client. It's an adventure... sometimes we laugh, sometimes we cry and the client changes.

Leading self-hypnosis workshops is for me like offering participants a moment of magic, of sweet madness, of laughter, of encounter and allowing them to leave with the impression of having discovered a little more of who they are. 

As I am still passionate about the human being and its multiple facets, I am looking forward to meeting your world, whether it is during the workshops at Prana Santé or at my therapeutic hypnosis and coaching practice.

See you soon.